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MG administer this site, is also responsible for the information and content published on the Site This Site contains links to other sites that operate independently and separately from MG and its partners. Use your purchase of such sites is subject to the conditions of use and a framework of privacy imposed by the operators of these sites, of which we invite you to visit. Read also the article below entitled "Links to other sites" that apply to partner sites of MG.
Although MG is concerned to ensure the accuracy of the Content of the Site, to the extent permitted by law, MG gives no guarantee and assumes no responsibility for the fact that the information contained in this site is accurate or complete, or that the pages web are free from errors or that it can be interrupted access, and, insofar as the law permits it, this clause MG is hold harmless from liability for all warranties, terms or conditions, implicit or explicit, we do not expressly specified. MG excludes any responsibility towards third parties for damages or losses caused by errors or omissions, which may result from negligence, accident or other cause not attributable to MG, the waiver of liability shall not affect in any way the application of damages for misrepresentation, personal injury or death.
The Content of this Site, all copyrights and other rights on intellectual property related, belong to MG or those who provided the Content. Have you allowed access to the Site and print a copy of the Content to provide proof of your visit. It is not allowed any other use of the site without the prior written consent of MG, including those uses that consist of changes, publications, programs, achievements of derivative products, incorporation into another web site or reproduction of the Site or the Content (including by links, frames or any other means).
© Copyright 1998-2009 MG New Decor for Marotta Joseph, Inc. All rights reserved
Do not send a MG information or material that you consider confidential or proprietary, such notions professional or ideas for products. When it decides to transmit any material or information on MG, you agree that:

  • such material or information is not confidential or proprietary and that MG will be free to use them in any way or for any purpose without charges and liability to you as well You agree not to take any legal action against MG in relation to their usage;
  • material or information sent to MG are of his property or on them you have rights without restriction. In case of infringement of rights of others because of the material or information that you provided, you will indemnify and hold harmless MG from all claims, actions, expenses, reimbursements and damages, including costs of proceedings and legal costs and any other expenditure;
  • will be taken by the USA, the appropriate measures to ensure that the information and materials provided are free from any virus known, or other contamination, including but not limited to, codes or instructions that could be used to change , damage, disable or impair the security of this site, or the computer system or network of MG.
It is prohibited to send or transmit to or from this Site any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, pornographic, or objectionable, or any other kind of material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability, as provided by law. Any information you submitted, which would identify you personally, will be treated as provided by our "Privacy Policy".
The purchase of all kinds of products advertised in this Site will be subject to additional terms of purchase which appear in the corresponding page. If you are connected to the site of a third party vendor, the conditions of purchase contained therein may have been posed by the latter. If you purchase Products MG from the Site MG (as a partner site MG) will apply the terms of purchase containing the corresponding page of the website.
This site was created for visitors to Italy. Interpretations of the contents of the site, any claims or disputes (of whatever nature and not limited to contractual issues) will be devolved to the jurisdiction and exclusive jurisdiction of Italian courts, and you made the application of Italian law.
MG, logo, MG and any other trademark or service mark published in this site are owned by MG or third parties. No mark MG or trademarks service can be used as advertising links without the prior written consent of MG. Any unauthorized use of trademarks or service marks. Referring to this site, and in particular copyright, patents, trademarks and brands service. Access to the Site does not imply in any way the right to use the trademarks or registered trademarks MG and no license or right to use trademarks, patents, copyrights, service marks on this website, are implicitly opened, closed or whatever.
The use of this site indicates your agreement to the Discipline Privacy and Terms of Use developed by MG. If you do not agree with Discipline Privacy and Terms of Use developed by MG, please do not use the Site We reserve the right to modify, add or remove at any time, at our discretion, the clauses relating to the Terms of Use. Please check this page periodically to see what the changes the use on an ongoing site MG, then the contribution of these changes will be seen as tacit acceptance of them.
MG reserves the right to modify, withdraw or restrict, in whole or in part, at any time and without notice, access to the contents of this Website.
This site contains links to other sites. It could be that some of these sites use the logo and trademarks MG, and therefore may appear as sites run by MG, but in reality are run by third parties (with the permission of MG). This should be disclosed to the appropriate web page or in the Terms or within the framework of the Privacy of the website. MG does not assume any responsibility for material created or published by third parties on sites which are linked to ours, or for the products of others contained in those sites. MG has no power to control and assumes no responsibility for material created or published by third parties on websites of others linked from or to our addition of such links does not imply in any way approved by the MG with respect to these sites , their products or services (other than original MG) called in those sites. MG has no responsibility in relation to purchases of products that you may make while visiting the sites of others. If you are facing difficulties or issues to be raised in relation to the sites of others, please contact the operators of these sites.


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